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Purchasing policy

Online payment

TicketAcces.net offers secure online shopping. Your personal and credit card information is sent via encrypted email, guaranteeing confidentiality. Consequently, the message cannot be intercepted, modified or decoded by a third party.

TicketAcces.net meets SSL secure transmission standards, which guarantees that your transactions will always be securely transmitted.

TicketAcces.net does not keep any electronic data concerning credit information pertaining to any transaction. This explains why you must resubmit your credit information with each new transaction.


All amounts indicated on TicketAcces.net are always in Canadian currency.

Service charges

Service charges go towards management and maintenance costs of the ©TicketAcces.net system. The rate applied to these charges may vary according to the organization and type of ticket you are purchasing. These charges are not refundable.

Delivery fees

When you proceed to the cash, you must choose a mode of delivery. Fees may vary from one mode to another and an estimate of time of delivery may be indicated. These fees are not refundable.


Taxes are included in the price and rates are shown on the invoice.


Before making your payment, make sure that you have selected the right tickets. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Wrong prices

The organizations on ©TicketAcces.net reserve the right to cancel a sale and refund the customer if the ticket price indicated on the site or in another publication was wrong, due to a technical problem or human error.

Cancelled show

If a show is cancelled, you must contact the organization that sold you the tickets for refund instructions. Generally, refund will be made on the price of the tickets, but service charges and delivery fees are not refundable.

Maximum number of tickets per show

Every customer may purchase a maximum number of tickets per show. This limit is shown on the show details page and is controlled at time of purchase. This limit allows more individuals to purchase tickets.


La Chapelle

620, avenue Plante
Québec (Québec)  G1M 3R5